May Ieda-Smith

Business Assistant

May Ieda-Smith is Hearology’s Business Assistant. She has a wide range of experience gained from years spent working in a business, beauty, events, hospitality and creative industries. At a young age May already has an impressive skillset in administrative backgrounds, earned from previous roles as PA, Secretary and Head Receptionist in companies such as a Women’s Members Club in Mayfair and a leading Accountancy firm based in Holborn. All of this has resulted in May becoming an extremely adaptable person who can rise to many of the challenges presented to her.

Her love of music, singing and performing, combined with key management skills, has made her a perfect fit for Hearology. She thrives from learning new skills each day and has a strong work ethic, but appreciates the importance of bringing a friendly environment and infectious smile to the team and our customers on a daily basis.

At first May was astonished to learn how commonly ears are neglected the care and attention they often need in the modern, noisy world we live in. This has only increased her motivated to spread the message and raise the awareness of the importance to look after our hearing organ. May is now extremely determined and fully committed to helping Hearology achieve their mission of revamping the outdated Audiology market!

May runs the front desk at Hearology’s main London Bridge Clinic, so you’ll most probably hear her friendly voice on the other end of the phone where she’ll be delighted to help you out with whatever requests you may have.