Vincent Howard

Chief Audiologist

Vincent Howard is a Hearing and Balance specialist, Hearology's Chief Audiologist, and also one of its co-founders. Having studied Audiology at the University of Bristol, Vincent then went on to consult and improve the hearing of thousands of people in several clinics in and around London and the South East whilst working for Amplifon, the hearing aid retailer.

Having lost some of his own hearing and attracted the dreaded tinnitus at a rock concert, Vincent set out to find ways to increase awareness of the avoidable and irreparable damage that can be caused to our hearing through exposure to excessive noise. This has since turned into a mission to help everyone get more out of their lives through getting the most out of their ears - because we tend to neglect out ears, and yet they are as important to our quality of life as our eyes and teeth. This mission has now become Hearology's mission, and it is why the company exists.