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Love Music Longer and Longer!

After a superb summer of touring our mobile lab at festivals across the UK, we’re really pleased to continue our #LoveMusicLonger  campaign supporting the fantastic charities Youth Music and Music for All, following on from the successful launch of the idea in July and in light of the the fact that the gig/event season never seems to stop!

Love Music Longer promotes the message that loving music and looking after your ears go hand in hand. By tapping into people's passion for music, Love Music Longer inspires a positive association between music and hearing protection, so that music lovers can enjoy their love for music for longer.

We’re offering a brilliant price of £3 for our Hear and Now  ear plugs, made for music (40% off the normal price of £5) - with 10% going to your choice from one of two charities to support the superb work they do.

  • Youth Music invests in music-making projects nationwide that help children and young people develop personally and socially as well as musically. Projects break down barriers to music-making that children and young people face because of who they are, where they live, or what they’re going through.
  • Music for All promotes the life-changing benefits of music-making. The charity brings free of charge ‘Learn to Play’ experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds, and donates instruments and music tuition to individuals in need of help.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the Hearology Store
  2. Place your order and checkout, putting the special discount code in the "Discount" box:
  3. Enter youthmusic19  or musicforall19  to save 40%.
  4. 10% of the £3 will be donated to the charity that you choose.

The Hear and Now plug is new and better than traditional disposable hearing protection because each ear plug contains a special filter to reduce harmful noise volume, with minimal effect on the sound quality of the music you are listening to. This all means you can listen to the music you love for longer - much like professional custom hearing protection, but without the price tag.

hearology ear plugs

Who are Hearology?

Hearology is a new kind of ear care company focusing as much on the prevention of hearing loss as its treatment. We have clinics across London and the South East providing a full range of clinical ear services such as microsuction ear cleaning, diagnostic hearing tests, ENT and balance. We also offer hearing tech and earware, including custom-fit hearing protection.


For more information of the campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us on email at, or phone at 02037 474 615.